S E O, key points

Key areas

The page title, as it will be used by search engines, is a concatenation of three special fields in WEBSICO :

  1. The prefix, available in the "Administration Page": it appears on the left in the browser window title;  one’s brand is usually placed there, along with one’s business and area of activity.
  2. The name, available in the page toolbar: this is the name of the page that will be also displayed in the automatic menu. 
  3. The title, available in the page toolbar: the last part of the page title.


The page description, in the second part of the toolbar, is the description as it will be displayed by some search engines.

Search engines submission

Before submission and to unlock visits of search engine robots, you have to uncheck the "Exclude exploration by robots" in the "Administration Page".

Audience Measurement Tools

The marker code must be integrated into a raw text multimedia component, rather in the page footer.