Administration page

The administration page allows to do some technical setups or operations, and to maintain your subscription data.
Subscription anomalies are displayed on that page, which must be used to fix them.
All subscriptions modifications must by done using this page.

This page is accessed in administration mode by opening the general toolbar.
Note : in exploration mode this page is not accessible.


Any alteration in contact data is valid for all your sites, with the exception of the contact email, which can be different for each of your site.


This is where to manage the subscription.


The title prefix for browser windows is displayed for all pages before the "title" field of the page itself. It is preferrable to choose a good prefix, as first words of the title is important for search engines (your trademark or company name for example).
Site icon (or favicon) : for cross browser compatibility choose an image ".ico" 16x16 pixels.
Target languages for your site: respect the IANA language codes for displaying the right flags in language selector and a correct HTML code.

Responsive behaviour

The sizes XS, S and M, in pixel unit, define the thresholds of rearrangement of columns and visibility of elements according to the width of the screen.
When the site is visited, if the screen width is XS or less, the final disposition is a single column; if the screen width is S or less, the vertical arrangement takes place on the lines of least level depth.

Program update

Generally there is no automatic software update, it is made by clicking the button.

Attached names

Links from other domain names can be added and removed. The basic link,, cannot be removed.

Site backup

The system keeps up to 16 site backups (data + software). It is possible to restore any version in the drop-down list.
An automatic backup is made each day, if the site has been updated.
A site backup can also be made at any time by clicking the link.

Use a previous site built with WEBSiCO

It is also possible to download all site data to reuse them later in an other site or to restore the same site by uploading them. This backup is in a proprietary format, usable only by Websico.