Commands and controls


A new project is a standard Websico site, created by clicking "CREATE a new project"; its software version will be that of the current websico factory account.

  • Name of the project: it must contain only decimal digits, lowercase characters, and -.
  • Parent project: a new project can be created with all the data from a pre-existing project.
  • Catégorie: a category can be assigned to classify the different projects.
  • Webmaster email: if this field is empty, the project administration email is the same as the account administrator of WEBSICO FACTORY, otherwise it can be customized.
  • Webmaster password: if this field is empty, the password for edition mode is the same as the account administrator of WEBSICO FACTORY, otherwise it can be customized.
  • Comments: it is possible to write notes on different projects to describe them.

Managing a project

Each line of the list of projects allows to:

  • select it to apply a global action
  • open the project url by clicking it's name
  • open a miantenance window by clicking on the line

Some fields are editable, some of them are not.

By clicking on the dedicated button you can access the administration page. This page does not include the contact and subscription fields, which are reserved for the administration of the Websico factory account.

Applying actions to the selection


Select, unselect all projects


Admin selected projects

The administration pages of the selected projects open in different tabs.


Update software of the selection

The software version of the Websico factory account is copied to the selected projects.


Destroy selected projects

The destruction of projects takes place in two stages:

  1. the project becomes a Zombie, it's url is no more accessible.
  2. select a  Zombie project and click on "DESTROY selected projects" to kill it definitely.
    Warning: this last operation is not reversible.

Reanimate selected zombies

Selected Zombie projects can be restored by clicking this button. Their url are available again.