Raw text, HTML

The raw text, HTML is intended to contain HTML and JavaScript, directly introduced or by way of importing: video, audio, web analytics, iframe ...


Insert your own code in the text part of the interface. You can also import the code of online video platforms (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo ...), the code provided by online advertising agencies or any other platform offering import.

In case of wrong code it is possible that the page becomes inaccessible or inconsistent, it will then be necessary to use the debug mode, which shows and allows editing of rough written content without running it. This allows you to examine and fix the lines of html or javascript programs which would produce undesirable effects on the page.


Files can be associated with this code if needed : these files will be stored on the server and the references in the code automatically adjusted. The number of associated files is not limited.

Note: all the files are stored on the server in a unique directory, it is not possible to create a file tree.