Administration link

Site management

With a password the administration link gives access to the administration of the site.

See the access modes and all the Commands.

Online documentation


It is accessible without leaving the current page by clicking on the "i" in the upper left of each interface.

The administration page


The administration page is accessible by clicking button 2 in the main toolbar.


The main toolbar appears on top of every page in administration mode. It is the "dashboard" that allows administration of a page and access to general tools.

The elements bar appears on the left on the page by moving the mouse. A new element is created by dragging the chosen type from the bar and dropping it to the desired location.

Components and block

A page consists of rectangular elements arranged in a grid system built automatically.

An element is a basic component (title, image, etc..) or a collection of other elements; in that case, it is called a block. Any element can be moved anywhere on the page, any element can be stylized.

Move element

Stylize elements

Site map and menu

In the main toolbar, the site map allows to access any page in the site and to arrange the order of the pages in the menus.


Every edited page is automatically recorded as a draft page, unpublished. 
It will be published by clicking the publish button in the toolbar.

Cleanup HTML code


In rich text the brush is necessary to clean up html code after pasting text from external program, or sometimes when some indesirable behaviour appears after the element.